In Search of Fall's Changing Colors

Finally, the first group of photos taken with my new camera. The Photography 101 lessons and a polarized lens filter have helped a bit. These photos are a result of a Saturday drive to and thru Pine, ID to get a look at the leaves starting to change (and the scenery in general). Our original destination was Atlanta (no... not Georgia) but one missed turn onto an obscure mountain road brought us back a little sooner than expected... sans Atlanta. This section of the Boise River is located approximately 80 miles east of Boise.

Anderson Ranch 2 Photo Panorama - Nice Day For a Drive... Not a Cloud in the Sky
Anderson Ranch ^^ Fall Colors of the Desert - Taken as We Headed into the Mountains ^^
^^ Shots of the Boise River as it Cuts Through the Soldier Mountains ^^ Through the Trees
Cool Tree Bark Looking Back on the Mountains we just drove through
Just a Cool Shot