Grand Jean, The Sawtooth Mountains & South Fork of The Payette River

We started with a drive through Idaho City, a booming gold rush town in the late 1800's (no photos... sorry). The population at that time grew to several thousand, now... a sign entering town posts a population of 338. Then, on to Grand Jean, a camping area along Bear Creek where we settled for lunch and a short walk. To finish out the day, we made a few stops along the South Fork of the Payette river on the way home. Nice white water... tubing anyone...???

^ The "road" to Grand Jean with part of the Sawtooth Mountains in the background ^

^ Bear Creek ^
^ I think I can...I think I can...maybe not- That's a 300 ft drop off the side of the road ^
^ Hide n Seek ^ ^ Lunch Time ^ ^ South Fork of the Payette River ^