Acadia National Park - Mt Desert Island - Maine

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Acadia's Fall Colors
Along the Loop Road Color burst Home for a Week
cadillacMtnSunrise.jpg (25396 bytes) barHarborInn.jpg (12240 bytes) bassHarborHead1.jpg (23957 bytes) squalkingSeagull.jpg (22476 bytes)
Cadillac Mtn Sunrise
Bar Harbor Inn Bass Harbor Head Squawking Seagull
cadillacMtnSunrise1.jpg (33712 bytes) fallColors1.jpg (49743 bytes) starTrails.jpg (17861 bytes) starTrails2.jpg (29412 bytes)
Cadillac Mountain
Fall Colors Star Trails Star Trails
eagleLake1.jpg (30640 bytes) campsiteSkip.jpg (44295 bytes) moonOverBassHarbor1.jpg (24884 bytes) eggRockLighthouse1.jpg (32318 bytes)
Eagle Lake
What a great spot! Moon Over Bass Harbor Egg Rock Lighthouse
lillyPads1.jpg (24682 bytes) theTam1.jpg (35764 bytes) sandBeach2.jpg (24162 bytes) sealCoveSunset1.jpg (15724 bytes)
Lilly Pads The Tam Sand Beach Seal Cove Sunset
oldSoakerSunrise1.jpg (24249 bytes) otterCove1.jpg (32812 bytes) sandBeach1.jpg (32932 bytes) seagulls1.jpg (31455 bytes)
Sunrise over "Old Soaker"
Otter Cove Sand Beach Seagulls
theTam2.jpg (20868 bytes) mossLichen.jpg (42962 bytes) notHereSign.jpg (40668 bytes)

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The Tam
Lichen and Moss Fun Signs